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What Does “life-changing” Really Look Like?

Every year I get a flurry of emails from people who participated one of my private retreats and want to let me know how their lives have changed since then.

Here are just a few of the stories from people who attended one of the two private retreats I held in 2016:

Kiralee Hubbard has grown her sales at Aeroblend Cosmetics from $165,000 to $700,000 and is on track to make $2 million this year! Plus she’s moved her office to a beautiful new office, has lost 40 pounds, realized her dream of traveling to Europe – and is now signed up to compete the 24-hour Le Mans inline skate race in France this summer with a team out of London!

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“It’s been a year since I attended the Canfield retreat in Santa Barbara, can you believe it? I just wanted to say that I’m really happy I decided to invest in myself. Going through the retreat helped me to solidify my path.

There have been some big changes in the past year…. and I felt like you guys would want to know when your retreat graduates have had continued success:

First, Aeroblend did $165,000 in sales in 2015, but we finished with just over $700,000 in sales for 2016! I’m aiming for 2 million this year. I realized that before I never set my goals high enough… and they need to be big and exciting for me to actually pursue them with intensity.

We also got a dream office for the business… Lots of light in a creative space, and meets all the needs for the business. It’s such a blessing and an awesome place to work.

I lost 40 pounds. I’ve been on every diet you can imagine since I was 16. I basically just started thinking of myself as an active, fit person… and working out and being healthy is just part of my lifestyle and not a temporary fix. I also stopped saying negative things about my body…. now it’s, Hello sexy!

Travel… one of my goals was to travel more and to see new places. I did my first solo vacation to Europe in September. I loved it so much, made new friends, and it was such an amazing experience. One thing led to another, and now I’m doing the 24 hours Le Mans Inline skate race in France this summer with team out of London. (yes, I skate, and became uncool after the 90’s in the US…. but thankfully there are lots of skate nerds in Europe 🙂

Overall, my happiness has skyrocketed. I was already very familiar with the Success principles and had put many in practice, but having real people help you work through everything was key for me.

Again, thanks again to everyone and what you do!”

Kiralee  Hubbard
Aeroblend Founder and Professional Makeup Artist

Lies Helsloot created a new product brand and finalized her first collection from idea to market. She’s now selling worldwide online and negotiating with distributors in Asia and the US. Plus she has written two books, finalized her divorce, and met the man of her dreams!

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“In 2016 I made the decision to attend a private retreat by Jack Canfield in Santa Barbara, California. It had been on my list of goals for way too long. I already took the “Breakthrough to Success” program before and I had read The Success Principles many times making it my personal handbook for life. But this time I was looking for a more profound experience.  It was about time for my big leap.

At the time of my decision this was a huge financial investment for me as I had only recently started my own company working on building my brand. I just felt I had to go there. But it was so worth the money! I had high expectations of the retreat, but the Canfield Group really exceeded them.

I felt very much at ease and in a safe environment working with the Canfield team and Jack himself. I learned so much and I have met so many amazing and like-minded people.

So here we are, about one year later and I have to pinch myself every day. The things I have achieved in 12 months are incredible:

  • I created my brand Delphin & Emerence and designed and finalised my hairbrush collection from idea to market all by myself. I am now selling worldwide online and am currently negotiating with distributors in Asia and the USA. I am not ‘there’ yet but am on my way to success.
  • I wrote two books and am so proud that one of them is already for sale in Dutch all across Belgium and The Netherlands. The English version is about to be launched as well. I even got an endorsement for my book from Jack, for which I am so grateful!
  • All those years before the retreat I had been so lonely, I never really “fitted” in. But at the retreat I finally met the friends I had been waiting for.  Ever since our return we have weekly and sometimes daily masterminds crossing all time zones. I even went on a mobile home trip from Sweden to Finland with a couple of them! These retreats bring together the most amazing people.
  • I recently finally made the leap of finalising my divorce and right after that I have met the most amazing man to continue my life with. He is exactly like I imagined in my vision book and meditations, two powerful tools Jack teaches.

I can keep on writing to continue this list with the most amazing things, but the most important thing is that I highly recommend being a part of one of Jack’s retreats or programs. If you want to take that next, big step in your life: this is your ticket to it!”

– Lies Helsloot
Founder, Delphin & Emerence
Author & Entrepreneur


Paul Denletir is a composer who has composed exclusive music for movies, TV shows, and movie trailers for blockbuster campaigns such as: “The Hobbit”, “Avatar”, “Life of Pi”, “Hunger Games”, “300” and “Snow White and the Huntsman.” His fear of speaking in front of large or small groups had been holding him back from taking his business to a much higher level. Since the retreat he has learned to face that fear and has changed the way he is moving forward with his career and life.

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“Reflecting on the Jack Canfield retreat I attended in Maui this past year, I can’t help but be inspired yet again. From the moment I walked into the room, I felt welcomed and cared for.  I was blown away by the attention that we were each given.  Like-minded people, whose positivity and energy allowed us to click automatically, surrounded us.  It was unique and wonderful to experience this with people that I have never met before!

The mastermind groups were very hands on and extremely productive. I appreciated the one on one time with the leaders of this group: not only did I meet extraordinary people, but also was able to open up on a greater level.

The morning-guided meditations were my favorite part. One of the reasons I attended the retreat was that I was uncomfortable and felt a lot of fear speaking in front of large or small groups of people that I did not know.  I was in a place of wanting to grow my business to the next level, and knew that fear was holding me back.  Through Jack’s guided meditations, I was able to identify and come to terms with where that fear originated. That was something I have never experienced, and I can honestly say it has changed the way I will work and move forward with my career and life.

I am reminded daily of what I discovered during those meditations: “This moment does not define you.” I embrace this constantly and am able to charge forward fearless and ready to take on the next goal. I am very grateful for my time with this group in my favorite spot on earth!”

– Paul Denletir
Composer & Co-Founder, Audiomachine 

Marcille Pilkington has gained powerful new perspective on what she is capable of – and the results speak for themselves. Her business is growing faster than expected, she is attracting interesting new business opportunities, she’s in better shape than she’s been in since her twenties, and she’s having a lot of FUN in all areas of her life.

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“I attended the Maui Executive Retreat, my first experience with a Canfield program, last October. The highlights of the retreat for me were the intimate format with ample access to Jack and the rest of the team, the practical processes I learned that help me step into the feelings of my goals, and the one-on-one sessions with Jack and Russ. They had really paid attention to my goals and were prepared with thoughtful and inspiring input.

While all that was great and the venue was idyllic, I’m still enjoying the most profound impact of the retreat – a new perspective on what I’m capable of.

Since the retreat I’ve been using the visualization tools we learned on a regular basis. I was already practiced at meditation and have realized first hand the profound cumulative effect daily meditation has on my life. I’ve found the same to be true for practiced visualizations. Over time the results have been very exciting! They include attracting again and again cooperative components needed to reach my goals, feeling much more comfortable and excited about thinking ever bigger, and the freedom of letting go of “working hard” and putting the law of attraction to work for me.

Not only is my main business growing faster and in more interesting ways than I expected, I’ve also been invited into new business opportunities that compliment my business. I’m in better physical shape than I’ve been since my twenties, and I’m having a LOT of fun in all areas of my life. Personally, the Canfield Executive Retreat continues to be an investment that just keeps paying returns.”

– Marcille Pilkington
Owner, Tulip Medical Products

Recent college graduate Emile Nelson realized his dream of co-founding a publishing company and has published four books since then, one of which was a bestseller.

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“I had the very unique privilege of attending this retreat right out of college, and I think my experience at the Canfield Luxury Retreat in Santa Barbara helped to set the tone for my entire career. The publishing company I co-founded has since taken off — Peaceful Viking has released 4 books within the span of one year, and our book on Student Success achieved a bestseller ranking on Amazon. The Canfield retreat helped to get me going along the incredibly eye-opening, life-changing path of personal and professional growth and success that drove me to pursue my dream and create the company I always wanted to work for.

Jack and all of his staff make you feel like family from the moment you walk in, and they do everything in their power to give, give & give so you walk away from every session with a new perspective on yourself, your career and your future.

It’s not just a business booster, though. The Canfield retreat presents an incredibly unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, in all different careers and lifestyles, all of whom are incredibly accomplished, interesting and committed to pushing beyond boundaries. And the attendees at the Canfield retreat are not just attendees — at the end of the day, each person becomes a friend, teacher and potential partner.

I most definitely appreciated my experience with the Canfield retreat and the rapid development that has followed, and I think that the people I met, the techniques I learned and wisdom I gained in connection with this retreat will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Émile Odbäck Nelson
Co-Founder, Peaceful Viking Publishing

Halee Fischer-Wright finally finished her book, which had been in a “state of chaos,” and gained invaluable clarity on what her purpose is and how to leverage it for greater success.

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“It seems like it’s been forever since we were in Maui, and yet it also seems like the lessons we learned keep expanding in insight and power.

First of all, I want to thank you for creating an environment where I felt so cared about— the staff, the location, the excursion, and the patience was utterly remarkable.

Second of all, thank you for giving me new tools and enhancing how to approach challenges.  When I arrived in Maui, the book I was working on was in a state of chaos, and I didn’t have a lot of clarity about where my future path was going.  The days spent with the group were invaluable — the people, the relationships, and learning from Jack, Patty, and Russ.

Most important, I never take the opportunity to totally disconnect from my work/professional life, and the space that Jack, Patti, Russ, and the staff created allowed me really explore what my purpose is and the best way to leverage that for success.

I am so grateful to you all.  Since the retreat I have clarity on what is next— and I have used that clarity to reorganize the book into an authentic message—and complete it.  Also, I’ve been able to create new, ambitious goals that I am definitely making significant progress in achieving.”

–  Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, FAAP
President & CEO, Medical Group Management Association

Not only will your life be transformed – it will have an incredible ripple effect on the lives of everyone around you.

Lynn Twist is co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, an environmental organization dedicated to empowering the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. She’s also founder of The Soul of Money Institute. Watch the video to discover the miracle she experienced in HER life – all because one of her colleagues, Sara Vetter, attended one of my luxury retreats last year. (Hint: it involves an appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show!)

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